This Tutoring Service Has Been Such a Blessing for Me As Well As My Children

This tutoring service has been such a blessing for me as well as my children. I was very frustrated with things concerning my children’s level of reading. I did not know what else to do to get them to the level of reading needed. I shared with a friend my concerns, and she recommended I try this service. I must say, my son and daughter reading has improved tremendously . Also, their grades has greatly improved with this assistance. We are truly thankful/grateful!!  (*This review is from Google My Business- simply Google “Tailored Literacy”)

SRaye C.


She Tailored His Program to Fit His Needs!!

Tailored Literacy has made a huge impact in our lives. My child has made so much progress since Mrs. Richardson began working with him in November 2020. To begin with, she offered a FREE consultation to see where he was and what he would need assistance with. She tailored his program to fit his needs!! She also put their interests first to keep them engaged. My child’s confidence in the classroom has exceeded my expectations and he is continuing to improve. Her prices are very AFFORDABLE and she works with us to create or revise our schedules. Another plus is that the sessions are virtual so he can get on wherever he is. Tailored Literacy has been a god send to my family and I appreciate everything Mrs. Richardson does to help my son improve and achieve his reading goals. Mrs. Richardson can not do this alone. It will definitely take an effort on the parent’s and child’s behalf. If you’re looking for assistance to help improve your child’s reading…..Tailored Literacy is the right resource for you and your child.  (*This review is from Google My Business- simply Google “Tailored Literacy”)

Kaneshia C.


I Have Appreciated It All!

“Everything has been a help to aid my child being more successful in school and to help her bring up grades in the areas she struggled in this semester!  I have appreciated it all!  And your willingness to see our kids succeed is very encouraging!  I appreciate the support you have given me as well.”

Sonya Carter

Great Teacher

“Mrs. Richardson is a great teacher and works well with parents.  What I like best about her teaching is that students have to justify their answers when discussing a story.  By doing this, students have to comprehend the reading materials.  This also makes students think for themselves.”

Julan Outlaw


Nothing Short of Amazing

“The few years that I’ve known Ms. Richardson was nothing short of amazing! She was a wonderful teacher to my daughter in 1st and 5th grades and helped her in so many ways to reach her reading goals. Not only that, but she pushed her to become a better reader. When things weren’t going well, she didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call me or send me a message. For that, I am thankful.”

Tamara Burkhalter


She Truly Cares

“I found Mrs. Richardson to be one of the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals I have ever encountered. She truly cares about our children, staff, and parents. I have observed her strive for excellence and she has also motivated my children to obtain greatness as well. I am a parent of three, with one child diagnosed as ADHD.  She was very encouraging throughout the process. I immediately saw AMAZING results. I cannot imagine how my child could have had a better experience becoming an avid reader and reaching goals that seemed difficult to reach. I am forever grateful for the blessing that you are and have been to my family and I. We love and appreciate everything you do.”

Alicia Weatherspoon-James


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