Services Offered

All communication is done by phone or online only.

Featured Packages

  1. Student Assessment Only (1 child) $70.
    Student assessment is included for FREE in the Building the Basics package (1 child).
    The assessment is $70 and will help identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses as a reader.  After the assessment, I will review the data and schedule a follow up consultation with you concerning your child’s results (already included in the price).  During the follow up consultation, you will receive strategies and suggestions that will get your child on the right path to reading success.  The goal is for you to know your child’s reading level and their main areas of need, so that all effort will lead to their becoming a better reader.

  2. General Consultation (meeting with parent) $25
    You can request to have a 30-minute consultation to get assistance with organizing your child’s learning schedule, teaching tips, supplemental instruction ideas, or recommendations of the services that I would recommend.

  3.       Building the Basics Package (1 child) $25   **** Most Popular ****
    This package includes the reading assessment for FREE.
    30-minute session where the child is taught phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and/or fluency.  During the sessions, students also read books based on their reading level and interests in order to practice these skills.

  4.       Building the Basics Package (2-6 students/virtual pod) $20 per child
    30-minute session where the children are taught phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and/or fluency skills in general.  It is not catered specifically toward any child.

  5. Passionate About Reading Package (1 child) $25
    30-minute session where the child is read a book, important vocabulary words will be explained, and the child will be engaged in a book discussion.  The book will be chosen based on the child’s interest OR to help identify their interest.

  6. Passionate About Reading Group Package (2-6 students/virtual pod) $20 per child
    30-minute session where a book is read, important vocabulary words will be explained, and the children will be engaged in a book discussion. This option can be used when more than one parent happens to be interested in this service at the same time.  It is also perfect for parents that have already established pods or small groups  and may be interested in having a virtual teacher providing assistance.

Available Services

Provide guidance for parents that have the responsibility of managing their child’s online education.

Provide one-on-one literacy guidance and support for you through consultation

Conduct one-on-one online reading assessments (ie literacy screening, diagnostic testing, etc.)  to determine your child’s needs (Zoom platform)

Analyze and interpret reading assessment data

Identify your child’s reading strengths and weaknesses

Collaborate to set a focused goal for reading achievement, based on your child’s needs

Read books to your child including questions and other relevant reading skills of focus

Provide one-on-one instruction for your child based on assessment data
(**available after assessments sessions)

Provide strategies and suggestions that can help your child master reading skills of focus (ie. phonemic awareness (ie. rhyming), phonics, improve fluency, vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension.)

Offer supplemental instruction that reinforces and strengthens reading skills

Develop a plan of action based on the assessment data results

Provide reading strategies and information regarding available resources

Follow up and provide feedback

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