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YES!  You have found the right place if:

  • You have received your students’ reading data and you need  assistance or guidance with developing a plan for improving their reading performance.
  • You need assistance identifying why your students are having difficulties with reading and ways to address those issues.
  • You are seeking advice because you are worried/frustrated about your child’s reading progress.
  • You are considering homeschooling your child, but you are worried about your child missing out on the basics of reading.
  • You need a literacy speaker/presenter for an upcoming event.
  • You are looking for a motivational speaker who understands the struggles that teachers have when it comes to motivating kids to read.

As the owner and founder of Tailored Literacy, I bring a host of experience that can be very helpful to schools, parents, and organizations.

Workshop/Conference Presenter Experience:

  • Read Aloud Workshop for Parents
  • MDE (Mississippi Department of Education) – Presenter for MS Pre-K Early Learning Standards Training in Oxford, MS and Jackson, MS
  • E-Learning for Educators presenter for faculty at interested CMSD schools
  • Webinar – Facilitation Strategies for Online Professional Development, EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO)
  • Voice Thread Presentation – What is an Effective Online Community?
  • Virtual presenter for in-person Southwest Conference Women’s Ministries Leadership Training in Dallas, Texas

Hands on Experience

  • Over 21 years of teaching experience
  • Launched my own literacy/consulting business in 2020

About Tailored Literacy

One of my college instructors once said, “You really shouldn’t need expensive programs to teach a child how to read. All it should take is a teacher who knows what to do and a book.” That pretty much explains the mindset behind Tailored Literacy, in addition to believing that children are capable of learning. Even though I am well aware of the latest trends in reading, my strength is that I combine best practices with first-hand experience and research to come up with an individualized approach to teaching students how to read.  My goal is not only to help develop readers, but  also to foster their love for reading.

Let’s Talk- Start With a Free Consultation

Before we get started, you are given a FREE CONSULTATION.  During that time, I will want to know more about your particular situation.  I will also take the time to answer any questions that you may have.  By the end of the consultation, you will know if my services are right for you.  If Tailored Literacy is right for you, you will be given the option to choose the type of services that best fit your needs.

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